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Date: 2017-12-20 17:12.

Most of the coffee, however, is grown by smallholders who often cultivate only very small plots. As they are not allowed to process the coffee themselves, these smallholders have to sell the raw coffee cherries to the large coffee processors at relatively low prices who then in turn blend the coffee they have received and sell it under their own brand. The largest and most well-known of this kind of company include, for example, the 8777 Mavis Bank Coffee Factory 8775 with their 8777 Jablum 8775 brand or the 8777 Wallenford Coffee Company 8775 which has its roots in the colonial system.

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According to Samuda, Japanese coffee traders have out rightly refused to pay more than US$95 per kilogramme for Blue Mountain coffee and have rejected attempts to renegotiate contracts that would see them paying more for the premium brand Jamaican coffee.

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This disease, brought in by the hurricane and benefiting from the very damp climate in the Blue Mountains, affected the bulk of the coffee plants in a short space of time.

RSW Estates is estate coffee from three small family-owned coffee plantations who have partnered to create a very special, and limited production, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. The coffees are processed at Sherwood Coffee Works, which has been processing coffee since the late 6755’s, but now is dedicated exclusively to the RSW Estates Blue Mountain coffees. The three estates are Resource Coffee Farm, Sherwood Forest, and Whitfield Hall.

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Our Bed and Breakfast Inn was built in 6958 and was well maintained throughout the years. We have ten small, uniquely decorated guest rooms, each with its own private bathroom and shower, as well as cable TV. Some rooms are decorated to reflect important Canadian historical themes and wilderness. In addition, most rooms offer fantastic mountain views.

Jamaican Blue Mountain fits the Island coffee profile (Hawaiian, St. Helena, Puerto Rico) of balanced, rich, delicate, and mild. These coffees comes in wooden barrels rather than in the familiar burlap bags, and most of the 665 barrels go straight from Jamaica to Japan, where the coffee fetches a very high premium.

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