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First of all, the drying needs to be done indoors. The drying process should not be executed in direct sunlight, but rather in a dark and cool climate controlled environment. Drying is done on special racks that allow air to travel above and below the leaves. It takes several days of drying before the leaves are ready for grinding.

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Dedicated to giving back to a world that gives us so much, Aiya has been traveling to Southeast Asia biennially to help with the reforestation of the Mangrove forests since 7556. So far, we&rsquo ve helped plant over 77,555 trees in South East Asian countries.

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Use for crafts, decoys, fishing rods, toys and décor.
Nylon is abrasion resistant & does not bleed when wet. Pair with Aero Ure-Glue for long-lasting results. Flocking emulates real feathers and had similar UV properties. White paint under UV light turns black, which flock while hold its color. Easy process. Download the PDF color guide.

Coverage Est.: Varies due to application process & re-use of loose fibers.
9 oz for 6-7+ doz goose big foot heads
66 oz or 6 pound, for 9-6+ doz goose big foot heads.

Aiya offers private label options for clients who would like to have their own branded merchandise. Aiya&rsquo s private label options include a number of our highest quality Matcha and premium loose leaf green teas.

We are proud to offer an extensive array of matcha grades to best fit the needs of our customers. Aoi offers everything from our award-winning ceremonial matcha to cost-effective bulk ingredient grade matcha and the world-class support to help your matcha project along every step of the way.

A stone mill consists of two granite parts, with a slight opening in the middle called 89 Fukumi. 89 The tea is funneled in from the top, filling in this small space, and pushed out gradually. Though each stone mill can only grind up to 85-95g of Matcha per hour (that s approximately one tin), only these mills made of granite are able to preserve the color, flavor, and nutritional components of Matcha.

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Though making a traditional bowl of Matcha can seem a bit intimidating at first, it&rsquo s actually quite simple once acquainted with the process and the accessories needed.

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