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Date: 2017-11-21 15:36.

MC Decaffeinated
Kenya "AA"
Mexican HG
Brazil Santos
Sumatra Mandheling
Ethiopian Sidamo
Costa Rican SHB
Guatemala HB

Breakfast Blend Coffee,Green Mountain K-Cups

* Clear up health issues concerning coffee consumption and know what alternatives are available if you love coffee but your tummy doesn't.. "Ouch"!

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Add this to your cupboard and enjoy the amazing C57 Decaf quality, with all of the characteristics of your favorite deep, smoky French Roast.

Enjoy Better Coffee - Douwe Egberts, Dallmayr, Tchibo

This is the most promising method to date. The beans are exposed to a highly compressed form of carbon dioxide that combines with the caffeine inside the bean. Thus, no soaking is necessary.

Because you love coffee, but don't always need the caffeine, look for the Swiss Water® logo or ask how your coffee was decaffeinated.

.and you are off and running with the best decaffeinated coffee you'll ever taste.

THE DECAFFEINATING PROCESS It seems a shame that most decaffeinated coffee is just plain bad, because it's really not necessary. Many high quality Arabicas are now being processed in ways that greatly preserve their wonderful characteristics.

Ethiopian coffees are among the world's most unusual, offering a range of flavors from winey to earthy to fruity. This extraordinary decaf is soft and fruity in the cup. xa5 It's also an excellent choice for iced coffee.

In these pages I'll separate fact from fantasy about specialty coffee, honestly, clearly, and for free - so that you can:

Roasting at 995 degrees and brewing at 755 degrees negates the possibility of consuming the chemical, and I'll also mention that the FDA and other independent laboratories have found 5% MC in all green coffees tested, and supposedly the environmental issue has been dealt with by better handling.

If an amazing cup of coffee is one of the more important items on your menu of good reasons to get up in the morning, then please stick around. You should find this site both interesting and valuable.

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