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Date: 2017-11-20 18:00.

This MX Stamina capsule is the perfect and unique formula, which is formulated after proper selection of herbs in the right quantity. And thus it functions as the natural sex enhancer. The consumption of thisherb accelerates the luteinizing hormones, also known as LH, in the body of the host. These luteinizing hormones are very beneficial in stimulating the testosterone production in the body. And numerous studies have described the importance of luteinizing hormones, as it helps in improving the sex life. This herbal capsules also cure the penis erectile dysfunctions and impotency in men too.

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7) ELIMINATING FATIGUE: Safed Musli, when consumed along with Sugarcane brown sugar provides strength and reduces fatigues. It can be readily used by those who get tired very easily. Mixing the elements together in equal proportion and consumed along with milk with a dose of a single teaspoon everyday can be highly effective for preventing fatigue.

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8) If any adverse effect is observed, it is suggested to visit a physician as soon as possible. Overdose might be harmful for the body, so choose to consume in accordance to your need or as prescribed.

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The latin name of the plant is Asparagus racemosus. It is a climber with numerous needle –like spicules. It belongs to the liliacea family. As per the name, "shatavari" means, "the one that cures hundreds of diseases".

It is a small and hairy shrub growing to a height of 7 -9 feet. The latin name of the plant is Asteracantha longifolia, belonging to Acanthaceae family.

Spartin's formula is composed only of natural ingredients used for thousands of years to combat impotence, increase libido, energy and mood, and sexual pleasure. All ingredients have been scientifically proven in the laboratory, and have been used successfully for centuries in the treatment of various male sexual dysfunctions, without any problems.

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A distinct explanation of this plant is present in many ayurvedic books on pharmacology of herbs. One of these is "Rajnighantu" in which a very precise but apt explanation of safed museli can be found.

Ashwagandha fights vata (space), kapha (phlegm) body energies, skin diseases, inflammation and weight loss. It boosts stamina, has rejuvenating properties and is bitter, astringent, and hot and promotes secretion of semen".

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