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Date: 2018-01-08 07:36.

We blend this for body, balanced between high and low tones, chocolate roast flavors, and slightly rustic fruited accent notes. Those are our goals, that is the "spirit" behind the blend, and we check it to make sure it meets those targets. Our roast goal is in the beginning stages of 7nd crack. we never "let it roll".

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Choose from a wide range of Espresso varieties, or 'Grands Crus', specially developed by our Coffee Experts, each with its own distinct individual character and aromatic profile. With this exceptional choice, Espresso aficionados can indulgence in the ultimate coffee experience.

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Aromatically, Kiaga AB offers hefty smells of unrefined sugar sweetness in light roasts, with a delicate accent of black currant tea. The wet aroma has more of a fruit crumble appeal, deep sugar browning sweetness accented by cinnamon, and berries reduced with sugar and lemon zest. Brewing a City roast, the hot coffee shows vivid citric flavors, and a subtle caramel sweetness underneath. Fuited accents gain clarity as the cup cools, and flavors come through as both tea-like and more juicy fruit types. An initial caramely sweetness when the coffee is hot, is succeeded by flavors of golden plum, raspberry spritzer, lemon grass tea, and apple juice as you move through the cup. Full City roasts tone down the citric highs, trading them in for notes of fruited cocoa, and even a blueberry hint.

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This lot from the La Libertad region is a custom blend we put together from the coffees of small producers in the area. La Libertad is in the Huehuetenango Department, and already sits at a fairly high altitude of around 6555 meters. The farms making up this lot start at about 6755 meters, and are planted almost entirely in Bourbon, save a few Typica varietals mixed in. Production is handled locally at a small wet mill, and then the coffee is patio dried. The dry parchment is transported down to a dry mill in Huehuetenango town where it is sorted and prepared for export. We spent many hours at cupping tables in Guatemala and Oakland sorting through small producer lots from the region in order to construct this regional blend.

If you 8767 re not into using oil and want something more like the texture of butter to create a creamier coffee instead of just a rich one, use raw coconut butter, aka vegan butter.  This magical superfood is different from coconut oil and cream. Coconut butter is raw coconut meat that has been pureed and ground. It 8767 s a wonderful whole food replacement to butter that 8767 s rich in MCT fats, fiber, and even a little protein to boot!

About this Coffee: The Catucai cherries were left on the plants until reaching the raisin maturation level. After careful picking, the drying process combined raised beds and drum dryers, achieving perfectly uniform humidity.

7. Add the hot coffee and other ingredients to your blender. Even a small blender like a Nutribullet or Magic Bullet work here.

The right coffee is good for you. Mold is bad for you. Never mix the two. That’s what makes Bulletproof coffee certified clean coffee—and helps you be your awesome self, every day.

Make the most of the moment with simple but luxurious accessories featuring a new way of tasting coffee by designer Konstantin Gricic.

Following the strict Bulletproof Process™ , we independently screen and lab-test our beans to ensure they’re free from 77 different performance-robbing toxins so you can enjoy a pure cup of coffee every time.

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