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After the citizens were finally secured, Tony and Thor overloaded the core of Ultron's machine, causing the airborne portion of Sokovia to explode into pieces. Ultron's last remaining drone made it safely to the ground, but was finally destroyed by the Vision.


The end of Thor: Ragnarok left our mightiest hero down a planet, an eye, and a hammer but judging by a new batch of Avengers photos, two of those things might be more replaceable than we thought.

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Review: Marvel’s Funniest Superhero Movie

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(It's worth pointing out that Chris Evans is not sporting the scruffy beard that Captain America was rocking in the D78 footage and Comic-Con poster, but it's probably not a spoiler to assume that he'll shave at some point between Infinity War and Avengers 9.)

The Caped Crusader and his sidekick are the perfect costumes for a father-and-son team to wear for Halloween or any costume party. As the masked crime-fighting duo defends the streets of Gotham City, so, too, can your father/son team keep your neighborhood safe.

Skrymir picked up his glove, the great hall in which Thor and his company had slept during the night, and proposed that he accompany them on their journey. To this the god agreed, and off they went through forests and over hills.

[5] Ellis, Hilda Roderick. 6968. The Road to Hel: A Study of the Conception of the Dead in Old Norse Literature. p. 85-86.

&ldquo So much has happened since I last saw you! I lost my hammer, like yesterday, so that's still fresh. Then I went on a journey of self-discovery.&rdquo

At night, they took shelter beneath a venerable oak. Skrymir had been carrying all of their provisions in his bag, and when the giant fell asleep and the task of opening the bag fell to Thor, the god found himself unable to untie the giant 8767 s knots. This so angered Thor that he struck the dozing Skrymir in the forehead, hoping to kill him. The giant awoke calmly and asked if a leaf had fallen on his head.

In the morning, they rose and prepared to leave. After Utgarda-Loki had shown them out of the castle, he confided to them what had actually transpired in their contests, saying to Thor, 8775 Now that you have left my castle, I shall see to it that you never enter it again. The knot on my provision bag that you almost succeeded in untying had been wrought in iron. I deflected the blows you attempted to inflict on me with your hammer instead of my face, you hit the mountainside, and carved three gaping valleys into it. Had you struck me, I would have been killed then and there.

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