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Date: 2018-01-02 00:24.

For truly long term self-reliance (for those who have the climate for it), growing your own patch of coffee shrubs seems like a grand idea.

5Reasons You Should ONLY Buy Fair-Trade, Organic Coffee

An 8oz. cup of Tieman's Fusion Coffee provides the human body with 5 times the daily requirement for antioxidant protection. More than a marketing term, Antioxidants are critical for the support of normal heart, brain, digestive and immune system function (see test results).

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The truth is, all coffee isn 8767 t the same. It 8767 s like comparing a processed milk chocolate bar full of dairy milk and sugar to a raw, vegan, organic piece of cacao. The two just don 8767 t compare, right? Find out why you simply must buy and ONLY buy fair-trade, organic coffee if you want the ultimate cup of coffee. Here are 5 reasons to make the switch today.

For more on fair-trade products, check out the fair-trade website where you can also get a list of fair-trade coffee and many of other products. 

While I don 8767 t really like drinking instant coffee like Folgers, I 8767 m not one of those folks that says that coffee is no good a few days after it 8767 s been roasted!

655% Premium select Arabica beans, fused with our 655% Natural Whole Super Foods: Matcha, Goji, and Rooibos, in our patent pending Fusion Process delivers incomparable smoothness, and rich, full-bodied flavor. Medium, Medium Decaf, Semi Dark, and Dark.

I recommend that you stock up enough of your daily brew to last you that year, and rotate it throughout the year.  You 8767 ll always have a good amount of coffee on hand, you can pick and choose when to buy it, and what to buy.

I 8767 ve heard conflicting reports that green coffee beans can store for up to ten years if stored with no exposure to air and in mostly constant temperature.

Preheat oven to 855F for metal pan, 875F for dark or coated pan. Coat bottom of pan with non-stick spray or shortening. Empty brownie mix, eggs, cooled Tieman's coffee, oil, and applesauce in large bowl and stir until well blended. Spread mix onto coated pan and bake immediately. Bake, reducing cooking time on box by 8-5 minutes. Test with fork or toothpick (when removed from brownies it should be clean).

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