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Date: 2017-11-22 14:00.

I wanted to post a bit about my experience so far with the k-type thermocouple that quest makes (and shrub now sells). I hooked mine up last weekend, and right out of the gate I was having real issues. The read out was very jumpy, and what really confused me was each jump was symmetrically matched between both of the ET/BT probes, but they were the inverse of each other.

The Quest M3s Coffee Roaster | The Coffee Shrub

while roasting a sample I stepped into the next room for maybe 65 seconds, just walked in a grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. When I came back the Quest sounded funny, too quiet. So I looked it over and the drum had stopped. My first thought was "Oh, I forgot to wind the timer" but no it was fine and the fans were still running. Weird, well I quickly turned it up on its end and dumped the beans, turned the heat off and used the brush handle to try and move the drum. It wasn't just a broken gear or something, it was stuck firm. So I left it to cool figuring I'd have to look on here and see how to tear it down.

The RØST Coffee Roaster

I was hoping to get some help. I recently purchased the quest M8s and noticed that the chaff does not collect in the basket in the cooling bin. I have an old version of the quest which I love and the chaff collection works really well. however on the new machine no matter what i do I am unable to pull the chaff out of the drum during or after. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if anyone has had the same problem and no the solution. thanks!

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So I cupped my samples from yesterday, 7 from the Quest and 7 from the Probat PRE 6Z. I used the Guatemala La Esmeralda Yellow Bourbon , which was crazy sweet and delicious with rich chocolate and date notes out of both roasters. I roasted on the Probat with my standard profile for samples:

Infuse Coffee now have CafePay, the first in Tasmania to offer the digital payment service. CafePay is linked to Frank Green reusable cups, that allow you to add credit to your cup via an APP on your Apple or Android phone.

I generally am shooting for 6 - 7:85 minute first crack time, and then finishing within the next 7 minutes for cupping. This might change for coffee of higher density (maybe as long as 7:85 post first snaps), but determined case by case, and you will have to be comfortable making those judgement calls based off of sensory cues (sight, smell, mainly sight). We cup light roasts to make sure that any imperfections/ defects are easily sensed from cup to cup.

Cold brew coffee is easy to brew and store, thanks to the Body Brew Bod Cold Brew coffee maker. This all-in-one device is made of three primary parts: the brew chamber, the extract chamber, and the micro-mesh stainless steel filter.

Ludwig Roselius Ludwig Roselius was a man of many dichotomies. A lover of the arts, too liberal for the Nazi party, with an application twice declined. Also commercialized the decaffeination processing of coffee. Ludwig was a German coffee merchant and founder of the.

Quality tourism products, services and innovation were acknowledged last night at the Cradle Coast Regional Tourism Awards in Burnie. One of the big winners was Infuse Coffee Roasters and café , gonged for 'food and produce innovation'.

When asked why the machine looks like a little animal, they noted that their Danish background had an influence on its design. It has clean lines, a simple shape, and was designed to feel like a classic coffee roaster. The beans fall out of the drum with a lift of a lever, like a conventional batch roaster. The sightglass is lit by a bright LED light.

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