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Date: 2017-11-22 01:12.

I have dealt with right wing hate on social media. I 8767 ve had Evangelicals tell me I 8767 m going to hell because I support a woman 8767 s right to choice. But, some accounts pretending to be Bernie supporters were the meanest. I think they were sent to create chaos and division in the Democratic Party. The true Bernie supporters that I know needed up voting for Hillary.

Obama’s last act is to force suburbs to be less white and

It 8767 s one thing for Republicans to smear and demonize Hillary Clinton. That was to be expected. It 8767 s another altogether for the supposedly non-partisan news media to assist her opponents, or for a campaign on the left to compel progressives to vilify her. Not to mention the interference of a hostile foreign power, which tilted the playing field even further against her.

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“We want to use our housing-choice vouchers to ensure that we don’t have a concentration of poverty and the aggregation of racial minorities in one part of town, the poor part of town,” the HUD chief said recently, adding that he’s trying to undo the “result of discriminatory policies and practices in the past, and sometimes even now.”

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So true. How can Bernie claim to be a leader when he can 8767 t even lead his own loyal followers? His followers continue to claim that the DNC somehow 8775 rigged 8776 the primaries to make sure Hillary won the nomination. I 8767 d like to see a journalist press him with this question: 8775 Do you, Senator Sanders believe that the DNC rigged the primaries and kept you from winning the nomination? 8776

I wish I could remember the date but I watched Andrea Mitchell show during the campaign. She had 6 different panelists on and individually asked them how Hillary could overcome the lack of trust people had in her. She asked the same question 9 times. I thought it was just lazy journalism but now how I see it contributed to the anti-Hillary faction.

To fine-tune cardholder credit limits, Samsung Card turned to FICO Credit Capacity Index. Samsung Card is now able to identify cardholders with the capacity to handle additional credit, as well as those who are risky.

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The Program has been called “the best workplace-monitoring program” in the US in the New York Times , and “one of the great human rights success stories of our day” in the Washington Post , and has won widespread recognition for its unique effectiveness from a broad spectrum of human rights observers, from the United Nations to the White House.

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This is the generation of those who know geek love is strong. After all, this is the generation whose members might very probably have attended their first conventions with their parents. This is the generation which, as others have noted, can wake up any morning and be immersed in geek culture. This is the generation which knows that geeks are  not  alone.

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