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Green Mountain Coffee® for Keurig® Coffee Makers

Date: 2018-01-13 10:00.

Over the years we have developed an unrivalled level of expertise where gourmet coffee is concerned and if you have any questions or you would like us to recommend a product based on your partialities then we are always available to offer our help and advice. We also offer trial ranges of coffee selections and todays random roast packs giving you a chance to use our expertise as coffee roasters and selectors to try coffee that you may never have tasted. As experienced coffee roasters this could be a way gain a good insight into the types of coffee available by trying them out for yourself. We also run a &ldquo Coffee Club&rdquo whereby subscribers are sent a new package each month containing our pick of our exceptional coffee selection.

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Another method, known as "Monsooning", exposes the green coffee directly to the elements to simulate the long sea voyages of earlier centuries.

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But it's all to no avail if I’m not roasting coffee that has been expertly cupped and carefully chosen for it’s incomparable quality in the cup!

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As you can see, coffee plants in full bloom are very beautiful and this unusually pristine setting is not too shabby either.

Pictured here, coffee beans are the seed of a fruit, or coffee cherry.

Each tree, believe it or not, only produces from one to two pounds of green coffee beans per season but will continue to produce for many years.

Besides, quality "in the cup" is determined by coffee import experts who cup coffee based on its inherent qualities, regardless of how the green coffee beans are processed.

Aromatically, Kiaga AB offers hefty smells of unrefined sugar sweetness in light roasts, with a delicate accent of black currant tea. The wet aroma has more of a fruit crumble appeal, deep sugar browning sweetness accented by cinnamon, and berries reduced with sugar and lemon zest. Brewing a City roast, the hot coffee shows vivid citric flavors, and a subtle caramel sweetness underneath. Fuited accents gain clarity as the cup cools, and flavors come through as both tea-like and more juicy fruit types. An initial caramely sweetness when the coffee is hot, is succeeded by flavors of golden plum, raspberry spritzer, lemon grass tea, and apple juice as you move through the cup. Full City roasts tone down the citric highs, trading them in for notes of fruited cocoa, and even a blueberry hint.

Notes: Peach and orange flavors, with the delicacy of white tea and honey combined with citrus acidity. It 8767 s long body leaves a sweet taste in the mouth like brown sugar and honey.

Cupping Notes: Its aromas are all sweetness, caramel and spices, with a hint of pine. In the cup it 8767 s mildly bright with bits of lemony and tangerine citric acidity. The flavor is fairly lush and layered and offers notes of graham cracker, faint parsley, and light brown sugar sweetness. Kona characteristics like bright citrus notes. Balanced acidity and medium body.

Peaberries are a naturally occurring mutation where a single bean magically forms in the cherry rather than the two flat beans that we are familiar with.

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