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That makes people like YOU to become Terrorists and 8775 silent 8776 Extremists. People like you shall be judged by Yeshva Hamashiach when he returns to destroy ISLAM: THE RELIGION OF LUCIFER, THE GREAT DECIEVER!

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For the record, Ahmadi Muslims consider anyone a Muslim who recites the Kalima or Islamic declaration of faith that Prophet Muhammad taught, "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger." Thus, far from passing takfir (declaring infidel) on anyone, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the world's only Muslim sect that has categorically rejected the poison of Takfirism since its inception in 6889. Over a century ago the Messiah Ahmad declared even about those who did not accept him, ".my belief from the beginning has been that no person becomes a kafir or antichrist by denying my claim. I do not apply the term kafir to any person who professes the Kalima."

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The ISIS spokesperson continued to speak to each head asking them 8775 why didn 8767 t you defect 8776 as a warning to other Syrian soldiers. 8775 The Oneness 8776 the spokesperson mentions is regarding Allah not being Triune and is the basis of Islam 8767 s war with Christianity. Regardless that the victims are Shiite, ISIS proclaims it ultimate goal is to establish the oneness faith over Christianity which believes in the Trinity.

Detailed explanation of this herb can be found in Dhanvantri nighantu, a legendary book having a vast literature on herbs.

I am an optimist. I believe most Australians are good, welcoming people. As always, we only hear those who scream loudest. The week of the Parramatta shooting, Muslims in the area were still able to pray in their mosque. This, to me, is an amazing example of the freedom that Australia provides. Muslims do face a lot of criticism that is based on false premises or stems from a lack of knowledge. Ironically, these things have made me a better Muslim. They have made me challenge my beliefs and research more about my religion. My daughter is only two years old. I want to make sure she receives the correct Islamic teachings. That is the cure for extremism. In Islam, there is simply no room for harming an innocent person.

It's a small shrub with thick leaves. It grows mainly in southern India and in Himalayan Mountains up to height of 6555 ft. It is rich in natural tannins. The roots are used for their medicinal purpose in Ayurveda. It is described in Ayurvedic text of herbal pharmacology "Bhavprakash Nigantu".

In the long run, Muslims cannot be satisfied with the acceptance of German family, estate, and trial law. … Muslims should aim at an agreement between the Muslims and the German state with the goal of a separate jurisdiction for Muslims.

Hussein Obama condemns???? The Jews for killing these Pieces of Muslim SHI?. And spare me the children dying those kids would be alive and well if not for the Islamic savages.

I personally know countless Ahmadi Muslims--even members of my immediate family--who have performed both Hajj and Umrah (a lesser Hajj) to Mecca.

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