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Date: 2018-01-09 19:36.

One of the things that stay-at-home dads spend a fair amount of time on is al of those little DIY projects around the house. A good cordless drill and a selection of basic tools will make tackling all of those jobs a little bit easier for him so why not think about gifting him a tool set?

Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set | ThinkGeek

Always have your beer by your side with this extremely useful back yard drink caddy tutorial! This quick and easy guide shows you how to make a beer holder that’ll always be within arms reach for only 7 dollars. It’s a must have for any guy who loves his beer!

Thor Trucks is the newest electric semi startup - Autoblog

If his bachelor pad has room for a soccer table, then this is a great crowd-pleaser. If it doesn 8767 t, well, we 8767 re sure he can make room for one. This table is perfect for drinks and tournaments with friends, or entertaining the family.

Only You Can Lift This DIY Hammer Of Thor | Popular Science

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Lots of men are reverting to a more traditional way to shave using a double edge wet shave razor. It takes time and it takes practice to perfect the technique, so maybe as a stay-at-home dad who is not rushing out the door to work Mr Mom may enjoy learning to shave with this ultimate christmas gift kit!

These are great! Super easy too! I love the Thor! My son wanted to be Captain America too this year! I like to make his costumes out of fleece so they are really warm. He also can 8767 t wear a mask to school, so I opted for a hood! If you want to check it out you can here. 🙂

Roofers & Slaters Hammers - This hammer is used by roofers. It has a spike at one end for putting nail holes in slates. At the other end is a hammer to knock in the nails which hold the slates to the roofing battens. In the middle it typically has a claw for pulling (removing) nails.

It’s two years after the Battle of Sokovia  and Thor is still searching for the Infinity Stones but he is imprisoned by the ginormous fire demon Surtur, who reveals that Thor's father Odin is no longer on Asgard, and that the planet will soon be wrecked in Ragnarok, a long-expected myth of massive destruction once Surtur unites his crown with the Eternal Flame that burns beneath the city. Thor escapes, battles Surtur and wins, taking the huge crown and thinking this will prevent Ragnarok.

In Thor: Ragnarok , Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) search for infinity stones is interrupted by news of impending ultimate destruction of his home world Asgard. While a prisoner on planet Sakaar, Thor is forced to do gladiator-style battle with the champion, his old pal Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)! Thor learns that brother Loki is alive and that they have an older sister Hela, Goddess of Death (Cate Blanchett) who will be released from her lifelong prison with plans to take over and expand her rule to far more than the nine realms. She will bring the predicted Ragnarok, the planet-wide destruction of myth. Thor will have to ultimately battle her without his beloved hammer! And you thought your family life was messed up!

This homemade christmas gift completely transforms a set of dull old storage drawers into a shabby, vintage chest of drawers that will suit a bachelor pad or office down to the ground. This is a project that anyone can pick up and takes minimal materials and effort to create the end result.

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