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For this reason, it 8767 s not a good idea to store coffee in the freezer or refrigerator. Condensation may develop when the door is opened and closed. You may not encounter a moisture problem if you store small quantities of coffee in the freezer in air-tight containers. But freezer storage doesn 8767 t extend the shelf life. And once you remove coffee from the freezer, don 8767 t put it back. A freezing-thawing cycle is guaranteed to introduce moisture.

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In High Pressure Processing (HPP) our bottles of juices are immersed in cold water and then subjected to enormous pressure to inactivate pathogens. This process allows us to ensure safety and help retain flavors and nutrients. As part of this process the temperature of the cold juice rises minimally, but not above room temperature, and quickly falls.

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Coffee should be stored in a dry location. Excessive moisture will accelerate the deterioration process. Coffee that has been exposed to too much moisture may develop a sour or 8775 off 8776 taste and aroma.

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Signature hot and cold beverages from CC’s Coffee House are available for service of 65 in convenient, disposable packaging that stays warm/cold for approximately two hours.

Although you don 8767 t want to store your coffee in the freezer or refrigerator, you do want to keep it cool. Too much heat will also accelerate the breakdown of the coffee 8767 s flavor.


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