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Artisans are a dying breed, and only Aiya houses veteran artisans who train artisans to continue the 675 year tradition. The grooves of granite grinders are only a few millimeters deep, and only seasoned artisans are skilled enough to maintain such delicate balance and perfect calculation.

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Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder is made from 655% stone-ground fresh green tea leaves. It retains all the nutrients and benefits the leaves offer and is perfect for matcha green tea flavoured smoothies, lattes, baking and desserts.

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So strange yoou posted this I was just wondering if it was possible to do something like this lol! I guess it is!! Thanks for confirming!

Use the bamboo scoop to measure the matcha powder, about 7 scoops for Usucha, or 8-9 scoops for Koicha , and place it into the bowl. Note, sifting the matcha prior to measuring out the matcha is highly advisable to remove any clumps of powder.

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