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Date: 2018-01-06 12:24.

After commuting back and forth from Asgard to Earth to continue his heroic adventures with humans, Thor sought help from Nick Fury , director of the spy agency . , to create another human identity to enable him to live among humans. A new alias was created, that of construction worker Sigurd Jarlson. However, Thor infrequently used the guise, consumed by his adventures as Thor.

Thor's Hammer - Norse Mythology for Smart People

VIKING THOR'S HAMMER (Mjollnir/Mjö lnir/Mjø llnir) PENDANTS Wearers of the Thor's hammer pendant hope to invoke the favour of the thunder and fertility god Thor.
The symbol represents Thor's hammer which he employs to create thunder and to smite the frost giants.
The Thor's hammer pendants displayed here are either direct copies of Viking age finds or have designs taken from other genuine Viking artefacts.

Every Character Who Has Lifted Thor's Hammer - IGN

In the movies, Thor uses the bifrost to travel between realms, but in the comics, he doesn’t even need it. Instead, he can travel easily using Mjolnir.

'Thor: Ragnarok' trailer features Hela destroying Thor's

For as long as Marvel published Conan comics, it's surprising that we didn't see more crossovers between Robert E. Howard's heroes and the Marvel Universe. But we did at least see a glimpse of the crossover opportunities with this issue of What If?

Thor's hammer is the best weapon a superhero or god could own. It smashes even the most intimidating foes, but it also absorbs energy and helps its master perform a number of impressive tasks. 

The love affair between Thor and Jane Foster eventually ended when Foster fell in love with a mortal man, Dr. Keith Kincaid. Resuming their ancient romance, Sif and Thor were betrothed, and Sif lived on Earth posing as Donald Blake’s cousin. Foster and Kincaid married, but wedding plans were cancelled for Thor, as Sif grew bored with his time spent as Blake, and returned to Asgard.

When the storm finally headed toward Asgard, Odin was the one who took it on, holding it off with his own powers for days, not wanting it to destroy his home or his people. What does Odin’s confrontation with a storm have to do with Mjolnir? That immense power is what’s inside the hammer.

Thor has been able to utilize this skill not just to travel alone, but also to bring the Avengers along in the comics. He actually used Mjolnir to channel enough energy to send the fire giant Surtur to another dimension.

Thor himself explains this while he’s in the middle of the ocean about to fight a sea monster after being rescued by Namor in the second volume of his series. Thor, trying to stay afloat, doesn’t look all that threatening, but he reveals that Mjolnir would even drive itself right through the center of the planet if it needed to in order to give him the full extent of his power.

The Molecule Man easily ranks among the most powerful enemies the Avengers have ever faced. After all, he basically has the ability to rewrite reality at a whim, and he was the power source fueling Battleworld in Secret Wars.

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