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Date: 2017-12-30 14:48.

Longer term, shifting tastes from tea to coffee in developing pockets of the world could underpin demand, Bain said. New initiatives such as single-serve coffee capsules and cold coffee products have been successful, but to some extent are only offsetting falling consumption of coffee granules.

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. stockpiles could also delay an immediate impact on the consumer. As of July 86, . total green-coffee inventory, including arabica and robusta beans, was at the highest since 7558, according to data from the New York-based Green Coffee Association.

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. coffee drinkers are consuming more of the brew than ever, helping to send global coffee consumption to an all-time high and sending prices for the beans soaring.

A Dunkin Donuts spokesperson says the company offers price recommendations to its independent franchisees but ultimately they choose what they charge at each individual store.

While the surging market could be primed for a pullback, and Brazilian supplies, at least, are projected to improve baring continued weather woes, most analysts think bean prices will remain elevated, luring more speculators to futures markets.

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On top of that, some coffee plantations haven 8767 t had a great year in Brazil, which could restrict supply and put even more upward price pressure on robusta beans. Coffee stockpiles have also been dwindling in the wake of increased global consumption. Warehouses monitored by the International Coffee Organization have seen their stores drop drop for 66 straight quarters. That kind of streak hasn 8767 t been seen since 6995, when ICE started collecting data on coffee stockpiles.

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