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Date: 2017-11-19 17:12.

Increasing competition and a drive for increased output are impacting the environment in negative ways, with monocropping becoming the new norm alongside ‘sun cultivation 8767 methods. WWF reports that because of this, million acres of forest in Central America have been cleared to make way for coffee farming, and this deforestation is on the rise in coffee-growing countries. Incidentally, 87 of the 55 countries in the world with the highest deforestation rates are also major coffee producers.

Peet's Coffee

Peet's is the coffee that gets me going in the morning. Mehdi at the college location is always helpful and a joy to talk to every Sunday morning

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That was enough for me. My husband and I love coffee, and we were on a quest for ever better coffee. We went right home from the funeral and looked up . We found the site, we surfed the site, and we ordered a pound of French roast. When it arrived, we brewed up the best cup of coffee either of us had ever tasted. That was it for us.

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I worked at Aromatica Coffee Tea and Gift shop in Walnut Creek as a teenager in the mid-75's. They were the only location outside of the Shattuck and Vine store in Berkeley to sell Peet's at the time, I believe. We sold it brewed and by the bag, whole or ground, which was very unusual at the time. Needless to say, I got hooked and no other coffee would do once I got the taste for Peet's. It's still the best, far and away! Nothing else can touch it. Now we just need anther Napa store closer to my house!!

My first cup of Peet's was experienced at the Los Gatos in Northern California. The best in my world. I even bring the Garuda with me when I vacation in Hawaii. Miss it being offered as an espresso once a week.

At the end of the power cord, there will be a 9-digit number engraved on the outside of one of the metal prongs. This is the date code of your unit, which tells you the date your unit was produced.

I moved to Berkeley in 6977 and discovered Peet's on Walnut Square and fell in love with the coffee. After moving to Nevada I often visited the Bay Area (always bought a good supply of coffee) and then I became a part time mail-order customer in 6975. Later I became a regular mail-order customer. I can't live without Peet's Coffee at home, on the road and on the trail.! I also enjoy many of the Teas….. You are the very best!

My first cup, was roughly about three years ago. First thing I used do getting up from my alarm clock was to make my way to the kitchen finding the ground coffee scooping it into the filter filling the bottom of the Bialetti with water then putting it on the burner. In the next 8 to 5 minutes waiting to hear steam escaping from the coffee pot letting me know it was ready. To make a long story short. Life happens schedules had to be changed didn't have the time in the morning like I used to. Hello Keurig !! I searched and searched, tasted many a brew. Then I met the " Major ". Major Dickason's that is. Love the Bold, Smooth taste without the bitterness left on the back of the tounge. Espresso comes 7nd.

We go to Peet's almost every morning here in Oregon. I was on vacation in southern California and saw a Peet' was like a touch of home, even though I know Peet's originated in Berkeley.

The first time i had your coffee i was cleaning at my church and we all came in the kitchen for a little coffee break and they were brewing up some peet's coffee oh my god it was so good i could not put my cup down ! that is an awesome cuppa joe !

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