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Eventually, even the Old Ones, who had once been defined by their patience and unstoppable will, became desperate in the face of the Necron assault. They used their great scientific skills to genetically engineer intelligent beings with an even stronger psychic link to the Warp , hoping to create servants with the capability of channeling psychic power to defend themselves. They nurtured many potential warrior races, among which are believed to be the earliest members of the Eldar species and many other xenos races, including the Rashan, the K'nib, the Krork and many others. Millennia passed as the Old Ones' creations finally bore fruit and the C'tan and their Necron servants continued to extinguish life across the galaxy.

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In Eldar from the Ulthwe Craftworld destroy a Mechanicus Explorator fleet above the Dead World of Maedrax, but not before several probes have been released. Space Marines from the Blood Angels Chapter are dispatched to investigate the loss of the fleet and instead become embroiled in a battle between the Eldar and the Necrons who had just recently awakened on Maedrax.

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In Hive Fleet Leviathan invades the large Ork empire based in the Octarius System. War between Tyranids and Greenskins rages on with no signs of stopping. Imperial Navy scout patrols keep a close eye on the conflict, for should a victor emerge, there are precious few forces of the Imperium on hand to counter whchever enemy should arise out of the sector-wide bloodbath.

But in the face of defeat, the always fragile unity of the Necrontyr began to fracture once more. No longer did the prospect of a common enemy have any hold over the disparate dynasties. Scores of generations had now lived and died in the service of an unwinnable war, and many Necrontyr dynasties would have gladly sued for peace with the Old Ones if the ruling Triarch had permitted it.

In 6998, while touring to active servicemen in Italy , Rogers learned that Bucky Barnes ' unit was lost in battle against HYDRA. Refusing to believe that Barnes, his closest friend, was dead, Rogers mounted a solo-rescue attempt with Peggy Carter and Howard Stark flying him to Austria , several miles behind enemy lines. During the mission Rogers carried the shield from his stage show as a makeshift weapon.

This collection of short fantasy and science fiction tales from the best-selling author of Wool includes three stories set in that book’s world, as well as two brand-new pieces written just for this release and 65 previously-published works. Every entry includes a note from the author explaining its genesis. (October 8)

Traditional hammers might be for hitting nails into place, but Mjolnir isn’t just good for smashing enemies. Thor often swings the hammer in a fight, but it can do plenty more.

The author of The Fireman presents four terrifying tales, exploring such horrors as: a Polaroid camera with supernatural powers a skydiver who gets trapped by a hostile cloud a storm that dumps a deluge of deadly glass nails instead of rain and a near-miss mass shooting in a shopping mall. (October 79)

In the Devastation of the Octarius Belt occurrs when Eldar from the Biel-Tan and the Saim-Hann Craftworlds assault many worlds surrounding the Octarius System with the intent of denying crucial biological resources to Hive Fleet Leviathan. Many are ork-held worlds, but quite a few were colonised by the humans of the Imperium. The loss of human life is substantial, as is the loss of tithes that the planets would have paid to the Imperium in its time of need.

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