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Just one note before we begin: We're only counting cases where characters have lifted Mjolnir itself and not a copy, so that leaves out characters like Storm, Hercules, and Deadpool. And Odin was the one who had hammer made and designed its rules, so we're not including him, either.

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Hammer is bigger and heavier than expected. One downside is the tiny metal link attached to the handle of the hammer broke off (possible due to weight of hammer) Have put a more secure link on the hammer and is working great.

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The first came in 6988, during a period where Steve had abandoned the mantle of Captain America and gone independent as "The Captain." Cap paid a visit to his buddy Thor at Avengers Mansion, only for the team to be attacked by Grog and the Demons of Death (great band name). When Thor was subdued by the combined might of these villains, Cap was able to lift Mjolnir long enough to send it back to its rightful owner.

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The Christians often wore necklaces with cross-shaped amulets, and they raised crosses over their dead when they buried them.

Mjolnir's enchantment is designed to prevent any living being from lifting the hammer unless they're worthy. But as it turns out, the "living being" part can serve as a convenient loophole in the right circumstances.

Thor, believing himself to be on the right side of things, was sent to kill Joseph Stalin, who had been in opposition to Hitler’s quest for power. He thought he got the job done, but it was only after letting Mjolnir’s lightning loose on Stalin that he found it was actually a man in a mask.

There are two different versions of how Loki was involved in Mjolnir’s creation, but both still have him to blame for the hammer’s short handle.

If any Avenger other than Thor is worthy of lifting Mjolnir, it has to be Captain America. Which is why Steve Rogers has proven worthy of wielding the hammer on three separate occasions.

That idea of worthiness would often come back around in the comics as any time Thor was deemed unworthy arrogant and selfish he would no longer have access to his hammer, much like the character’s first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This was a present for my husband. He thought the concept was cool, but noted the hammer itself was crooked. It is heavier than you would think.

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