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Beta Ray Bill ended up snagging Mjolnir in a fight against Thor, and Odin, impressed that they both laid claim to the hammer, had them fight it out to see who would win it on Asgard. Ultimately, Odin had a replica of Mjolnir, called Stormbreaker, made by the same dwarves who crafted Mjolnir.

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Mjolnir gets its name, much like Thor, from Norse mythology, and much of what it can do is inspired by the legend of Thor, though Marvel comic writers have certainly had their fun with it over the years, like making Mjolnir capable of time travel or bringing the dead back to life.

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Shortly thereafter, Gregory Stark attempted to cause unrest in Korea. When he was confronted by the Ultimates, he managed to take Mjolnir from Thor and use it to subdue him as well as Captain America , before slamming the ground with it causing a massive shock wave which stunned everyone within range. Thor managed to regain Mjolnir and killed Gregory with a lightning bolt. [88]

Of course, the Ultimate version of Thor spends much of the comics using a man-made replica instead of the Asgardian Mjolnir.

On the shelf in the store in the episode “Quite A Common Fairy”, Mjolnir can be spied. The hammer has never been revealed to be an artifact belonging to one of the town’s residents, and there’s never been any indication of just where Mr. Gold might have picked it up. With the location moving to Hyperion Heights in the most recent season, fans may never know.

Thor himself explains this while he’s in the middle of the ocean about to fight a sea monster after being rescued by Namor in the second volume of his series. Thor, trying to stay afloat, doesn’t look all that threatening, but he reveals that Mjolnir would even drive itself right through the center of the planet if it needed to in order to give him the full extent of his power.

The source of this transformation from Awesome Android to Awesome Andy was eventually revealed in a flashback issue. It turned out that the Mad Thinker upgraded Andy's abilities to the point where he could copy any personality trait. By copying Thor's nobility, Andy was able to lift Mjolnir. But the transformation sparked a new intelligence within Andy. He turned against his creator, cleared his name by proving he was a victim of the Mad Thinker's influence, and began working at GLK& H as a way of paying off his legal bill.

Much later, Mjolnir was bequeathed to his son Thor, after he proved himself worthy through several trials. [6] With few exceptions, Thor has carried Mjolnir throughout his adventures. Thus, the history of Mjolnir follows that of Thor. Although Asgard was destroyed in Ragnarök , Thor and the hammer, survived. [7]

That's kind of what the whole instructable is. Just read the steps and you should get a pretty good idea of how to make it. I don't know what else to say other than the instructions I've put in each step.

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