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Date: 2017-12-23 17:12.

Tongkat ali aphrodisiac herb
Is 6 capsule of 75mg Tongkat Ali LJ 655 a mild dose? I just ordered this product and Mind Power Rx. Can you give me idea on Tonkgat Ali interaction or combination?
Tongkat ali and this mind booster should not be taken the same day since the aphrodisiac herb is potent by itself.

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Q. I am a 57 yo male who has been taking one capsule of Mind Power Rx almost daily for one month. I really like this product. It lifts me up from my sluggish state in the morning and I have switched to decaf since I don't think I need caffeine any more.

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Q. Dear Dr Sahelian, I noticed your Mind Power RX formula does not contain CDP Choline. Does this suggest that CDP choline should not be taken with choline, or is it safe to do so simultaneously?
A. There are countless supplements and herbs that have an influence on the mind, and we had to limit the number we could place in Mind Power Rx. CDP-choline is an excellent mind nutrient, and it can be taken with choline, just that the dose of CDP-choline and choline need to be reduced in order not to get overstimulated.

Q. Can you tell me if it has any reactions with ADHD medications such as Ritalin etc?
A. We have not tested Mind Power Rx and Ritalin together, as a rule we suggest using them on separate days since there could be overstimulation using both the same day.

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