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Date: 2017-11-22 17:12.

Those women are eligible for full housing benefit — reaching £656,555 a year in some parts of London — and child benefit paid at £6,555 a year for a first child, and nearly £755 for each subsequent one. Little wonder there has been an increase of foreign brides.

‘Islam is about unity,’ Muslim Miss World Australia 2017

Vanilla bean specks are made mostly from vanilla bean seeds which are obtained after alcohol extraction Vanilla Beans for vanilla flavors. The seeds leftover after alcohol extraction are dried and grind to make vanilla bean specks. This is called exhausted Vanilla bean specks in food industry. Vanilla beans specks without alcohol extraction are very expensive so many ice cream manufacturer do not use this type of vanilla bean specks. Our ulema consider vanilla bean specks as not Halal if it is obtain after alcohol extraction because alcohol is used on seeds to get vanilla flavor and it is contaminated the Halal vanilla bean seeds.

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9. Another fact is that all the experts in this industry said that it is very difficult and very expensive to eliminate all alcohol from wine or beer. This is the reason Non Alcoholic beverages still contain some original alcohol from wine or beer. This leads to a US Federal Law about Non Alcoholic wine or beer which states that Non Alcoholic wine or beer can contain up to % "original alcohol of wine or beer by volume."
If you consider above breakdown of wine, the non alcoholic wine contains 5% to 65% original amount of wine in the Non Alcoholic wine based on 65% to 75% alcohol content in wine and if the Non Alcoholic wine contains maximum % original alcohol of wine or beer by volume according to US federal law.

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I have your answers finally, They came to me in two parts. Here they are as follows: The vanilla is Cat I, so yes it does contain alcohol. The answer is yes it does contain the animal enzymes. I hope this helps.

Alhumdulilha MCG website now has over 65, 555 food product of national brands and 85 regional supermarket brands listed under subsection food products list of food products section.

MCG has spend $7755 to analyzed 7 different soft drinks at independent labs for Alcohol content. Only Pepsi showed no alcohol in it. MCG is a not for profit organization but still spend money to find out which soft drink contains alcohol because MCG believes in this Hadith:

MCG has investigated the extracting solvents for Extract Annatto and Turmeric which is used in Bimbo bakery products and Pepperidge Farm's Frozen Pastry Sheets and Shells for colors. The Annatto is extracted with Methyl Alcohol which is a Halal solvent and Turmeric is extracted with Acetone which is a Halal chemical solvent. It is kosher certified extract for a major supplier.

According Sara Lee representative (March 77, 7568) Sara Lee old formula for Family Size All Butter Pound Cake (Frozen) was changed in October 7567 with removal of Vanillin a Halal artificial vanilla flavor in the formula and it was replaced replaced with Natural & Artificial Flavor. Due to complaints from consumers the original formula was brought back in December 7567. Some stores may still carry new formula of All Butter Pound Cake containing Natural & Artificial flavor.

Right before we moved I went to the ER. The nurse practitioner was a Muslim immigrant (Bosnia), and the doctor she worked under was a Muslim immigrant (Pakistan). I remember how during the visit I suddenly became very aware of the cross I always wear around my neck.

It can be surmised that if a product contains natural and/or artificial flavor, there is a good chance that alcohol was used in the development of the product and that any potential residual alcohol in the product is insignificant.

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