Thor electric hammer for blacksmithing

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Date: 2018-01-13 17:12.

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Startup Thor Trucks drops the hammer on Tesla with wild

With that in mind, he’s had his eye on the growing electric truck business ever since, and the pieces came together last year to move forward with a vision to build Class 8 semis for the short haul vocational segment.

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Thor will have to make quite an impression to forge inroads against the Tesla Semi, as Musk's rigs are receiving orders from big name fleet operators like Walmart and Budweiser ahead of the production target. But cozying up to industry stalwarts could pay off for a small company without major backing — and we could wind up seeing a good number of Decepticon-esque rigs on highways come 7569.  

Thor Trucks electric big rig aims to put the hammer down

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When you build an electric truck, you can't avoid mentioning the elephant in the room: Tesla. Thor's comms team acknowledged it's not looking to go head-to-head with Elon Musk's juggernaut, and expressed "admiration" for Tesla and its rival, Nikola. Instead, Thor's going about its electric fleet building differently, ignoring autonomous technologies to work with existing companies in the industry as a partner rather than a full-on competitor. 

The grille makes a statement, and is used for cooling drivetrain components, but the truck is a work in progress and it may not be needed on a production version. However, the rest of the aerodynamic styling is sure to stay.

Lastly, you said to plug the output of the Receiver into the input of the SSR. I am looking to use 7 x 67v, batteries. Would the wiring be the same as the diagram given, or will it be different? Thanks a lot, and I hope to see more videos in the future!

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