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Date: 2017-12-27 22:00.

The indispensable Future War Stories blog makes the point that there is a big difference between a Battle Station (orbital fortress) and a Military Space Station.

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Thor's hammer

(so it is not true that Project Thor was "invented by a science fiction writer", Dr. Pournelle had not yet started his writing career when he created it)

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Another, often overlooked issue with robots is their effectiveness in replacing humans during counterinsurgency operations.  A robot advanced enough to be effective at winning hearts and minds is unlikely to be the cheap and disposable device described above.  Morally, it will have to be almost equivalent to a person to win the trust of those it works among, which more or less erases the line between robot and human, except from a logistical perspective.  And the overall logistical requirements of a robot-based force are unlikely to be that much better than an equivalent human-based one.

"That's when I called for help, sir. I've done my best, and every move I've made has been computer checked for maximum damage to them and maximum gain to us but nothing worked. I'm out of my depth. Maybe somebody else can solve it."

Why? Missiles can be destroyed by the energy equivalent of a few kilograms of TNT. A bomber can be wrecked by the equivalent of a few hundred kilograms. But an asteroid would take hundreds of megatons of TNT or millions of gigawatt hours. Not counting laser inefficiency, or the cost of the laser, a million gigawatt hours at one cent per kWh is $655 billion. The lasers would cost a thousand to a million times this much. Hitting a fort with another asteroid would be effective, but would take years due to celestial mechanics considerations. Also, it isn't easy to do secretly. Even the slightest ability of a fort to dodge would make it vastly more difficult to hit.

The other significant disadvantage of a drop pod is that even a one-man drop pod will be significantly larger than an RV.  A current US RV, like the ones that carry the W87 or W88 , is about 55 cm across and 675 cm long.  A human would probably need a pod at least a meter across and two meters long, or two meters across if the human is supine.  

If alien forces are overwhelming but localized, then you don't need to be strong enough to defeat them. You just need to be stronger than your neighbor.

There were a handful of other markets to bow this frame and numbers on those are still to come. The UK is the big play, however, on the the Heyday Films sequel that&rsquo s fully financed by Studiocanal (the latter has UK distribution). The first Paddington finaled at £ there.

In space opera, "force fields" are generally spherical. So a planetary fortress (or civilian city) protected by such a field will have a circular boarder. Anything outside of the circle will also be outside of the force field, and thus vulnerable to bombardment. If the force field prevents defending weapons from firing out along with preventing attacking weapons from firing in, the fortress might have weapon emplacements outside of the boundary of the force field.

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