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On Earth, it’s primary adamantium that can withstand that uru. Thor discovered this for himself during an early issue of Avengers in which he went to battle against the robotic Ultron.

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That first appearance of the hammer didn’t feature a name for it yet, just referring to Mjolnir as “a mighty hammer,” and at the time, Donald Blake didn’t know his real history as the Asgardian warrior.

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In another version, Loki hated Thor so much that he followed him when he was sent on a mission to retrieve treasures made by the dwarves. There, he turned into a moth, repeatedly getting in the face of a dwarf until he sneezed and made a mistake, shortening the handle, and ensuring that Mjolnir would need to be used one-handed.

While there weren’t outright tests given to Thor, he wasn’t able to use Mjolnir until he had defended Asgard against evil outside forces, retrieved the apples of immortality from Storm Giants, and rescued Lady Sif from Hela . Once he had proven himself selfless and brave, Odin presented Mjolnir to Thor and held a banquet on Asgard.

In this hypothetical tale, Thor was transported back in time to the Hyborian Age. With no memory of his previous life, Thor fell in with Conan and began leading the life of a thief/reaver/slayer. Conan always was good at multitasking. Eventually, Conan's nemesis Thoth-Amon caught wind of the amazing weapon in Thor's possession and tried his best to harness Mjolnir's might for himself. In the aftermath of the battle, Thoth-Amon was burned to a crisp and Thor lay dying of his wounds. He passed Mjolnir onto Conan, making it probably the one time in Conan's career he happily dabbled in magic.

Odin didn’t just give Thor Mjolnir as a gift. Instead, Odin made his son wait until he was sure that Thor was worthy of Mjolnir.

Flight: Mjolnir's user is capable of hurling Mjolnir with great force and, by holding onto the leather thong, is capable of flying through the air at tremendous speeds. While in an Earth-like atmosphere, Thor generally flew at roughly the Speed of Sound, roughly 775 miles per hour. Thor could fly so fast that he is invisible to the naked eye. [75] He has been clocked flying at three times the speed of light, [76] and is capable of achieving speeds far greater than that. It has been established that the speed of Thor's hammer transcends both time and space. [77] Mjolnir can also perform complicated maneuvers in the air, [78] and change course in mid-flight at the speed of thought. [79] By spinning Mjolnir at high speeds over his head, Thor has been able to hover in midair.

The Norse myths depict Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir as a very powerful weapon that could even level mountains. It was said to return (just like a boomerang) after being thrown. The hammer is supposed to have been crafted by Brokkr and Sindri, two dwarven brothers from Svartalfheim.

Of course, the Ultimate version of Thor spends much of the comics using a man-made replica instead of the Asgardian Mjolnir.

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